WorkTogether Message BoardWorkTogether with Passive Measures

See the staff information at any location.

   Working alone changes into working together. Many hands can make the load of helping each other lighter.

   Who is In or Out is visible, regardless of the location you or they are at.

   Each message entered is immediately visible to all employees, in all branches.

   By moving your mouse over notes for any individual, you can see their complete extended note in a bigger window.

   When emergencies arise immediately see who is in the facility and be sure all have escaped the situation.

Also consider;
– monthly post reports show time stamps, duration and the dynamic use of WorkTogether Passive Measures.
– eGroup messaging advises everyone immediately at their latest contact number from one sent message. All without having to constantly update each users mobile device or contact lists every time there is a change of email address or mobile phone number.

How a Message Board works