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Safely working alone comes with confidently knowing, when help is needed.

Those working alone frequently have others help, direct or instruct at their WorkAlone job site.
The WorkAlone Protocol puts a structure to what happens when the working alone actually takes place.

Attention at regular intervals is a strong component.
There is always a trade off between cost effect activity, before any need for help, and time effective activity, when help is actually needed.

Face to face interaction supports many subjective considerations including attitude and pride as well as a clearer understanding of the works mechanics. Maintaining that understanding once working alone and help is needed is critical.

When a stack of cartons falls trapping a worker or they fall through a step and can not get up, knowing that someone will be checking on them in so many minutes is some what comforting, while they wait. Even better would be a EGroup message calling out for help from those who can visualize the help that is needed. Regardless, just as worker trainee's need more frequent active contact each situation meeds a realistic and flexible timing.